Salvation Army Officership

Officer training is about assisting Cadets to discover who they must be, what they must know and how they should respond effectively to fulfil the mission of God and The Salvation Army.

Each Cadet must undergo an intensive two-year training programme based at the CFOT in Johannesburg, Gauteng Province, with a focus on the following aspects:

Knowing God:

Evident by a dedication to

  • prayer
  • worship
  • study of God’s word
  • evangelism
  • holiness and,
  • a zealous and committed life of sacrifice and service

Knowing themselves:

  • Understanding and developing their individual strengths.
  • Understanding and overcoming their individual weaknesses.
  • Understanding and developing their individual potential.

Knowing their Mission:

  • Accepting the implications of God’s call to Officership
  • Accepting and committing to the nature, spirit and mission of The Salvation Army
  • Accepting that individual needs are less important than the salvation of the world

The curriculum combines field practice in a local corps setting and theory, which includes Salvation Army doctrine, ethics and social work, psychology, Salvation Army regulations, homiletics, public speaking, Bible studies, church history, composition, community relations, business management and spiritual leadership.

After two successful years of training, cadets are commissioned as Officers with the rank of Lieutenant. Following Commissioning, they are appointed to a specific ministry unit to assume active duty while continuing their training and education. Lieutenants are required to complete an additional five years of compulsory Post-Commissioning study, the content of which is decided in a shared evaluation, prior to each Cadet’s Commissioning. Each Officer has a personal Learning and Development plan, so study will differ with every individual Lieutenant, depending on competencies achieved at CFOT and their prior learning experience. All Officers are expected to sign their Officers covenant, commission and strive to meet the required Officer competencies following Commissioning.

After completing the five year Post-Commissioning study requirement, a residential review programme will be conducted to assess the Officers’ service, personal and spiritual growth, health and their personal Learning and Development plan. The five (5) year review marks the end of the Officer’s ‘probationary period’ and results in a formal recommendation for continued service as an Officer with the rank of Captain.

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